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Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Nov 24, 2021

About this episode

We can’t leave off the year without providing another wonderful gift guide! We’ll link to others in the show notes, but today we’re focusing on gifts that speak not only to marital intimacy but specifically our five senses.

This idea made us think of the song "Twelve Days of Christmas"! Instead of five golden rings, we’re addressing our five golden senses.


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From the Bible

What does the Bible say about gift-giving?

Later on, during the wheat harvest, Samson took a young goat as a gift and visited his wife. – Judges 15:1 (Do not—I repeat, do NOT let your husband give you a goat for Christmas! Good heavens. ~ J)

"They were to be days of feasting, rejoicing, and of sending gifts to one another and to the poor." – Esther 9:22b. (This verse refers to Purim, but shows the same generous spirit we want to have at Christmastime.)


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