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Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Jul 16, 2024

In this episode, we tackle listener questions—specifically how to feel more confident in the bedroom by choosing something positive to wear, how to find a therapist in your area or online, and how to mentally shift from seeing oral sex as “dirty” to something married couples can (if they both want) do.


Jul 9, 2024

This week's quickie is from J Parker about the importance of speaking up about what you need to experience sexual pleasure. Follow-up with our webinars and/or stay tuned for more full episodes and quick tips about sex in marriage!

Jul 2, 2024

Juli Slattery & Joy Skarka join us today for a candid conversation about women and their struggle with porn. If you struggle, this episode will help. But if you don't, listen anyway so that you can be there to support fellow women trying to break free. And be sure to check out the new resource, Her Freedom Journey: A...

Jun 25, 2024

In this week's Sex Chat Quickie, guest Julie Sibert talks about the benefits of showering. Yes, showering! Stay tuned for more full episodes and quick tips about sex in marriage.


Jun 18, 2024

For many Christians, it can be difficult to think about God and sex at the same time. How present is God in our bedrooms? And how does knowing that He knows make us feel? We dive deep into what God has to do with our sex lives and how to think about and embrace His involvement.


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