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Sex Chat for Christian Wives

May 28, 2019

About the Episode

It may be the pinnacle of pleasure, but lots of women still have questions about orgasm. Julie Sibert from Intimacy in Marriage joins us as we answer many of the orgasm questions we get from our listeners and readers.

  1. Let's start with the basics. What is an orgasm?
  2. Why is orgasm important? That is, what's the big deal?
  3. Should a wife expect or want to achieve orgasm every time she and her husband make love?
  4. A lot of women struggle to reach orgasm. What advice can we give them?
  5. This last question is kind of like a lightning round. I'm gonna throw out some things we get asked about regarding orgasm, and let's see how many of them we can quickly cover: multiples, simultaneous orgasm, female ejaculation, clitoral vs vaginal orgasms, G-spot orgasm.


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From the Bible

What does God have to say about orgasms?

As we say in the episode, He gave women a clitoris--and its only purpose is pleasure!