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Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Mar 30, 2021

titivate (v). – to make a person or thing neater or more attractive (Merriam-Webster).

To titivate is to make small enhancing changes or to make oneself look attractive. For some women, titivation is a daily habit. For others of us, it takes intention to remember to do it now and then.

  1. Let’s start by talking about...

Mar 16, 2021

There are a lot of resources about sex now, some great and some terrible. But often, resources have some important truths, some debatable points, and some myths. Today we want to talk about what really matters—the foundational points we want wives to know about sex.


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Mar 2, 2021

Sex therapist and educator Joyce Penner joins us to talk about learning to enjoy sex more. Why do some women have a hard time seeing sexual intimacy as a gift? And what can these women do to pursue the enjoyment of sex with their husbands?


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From the Bible

What does God have to say that...