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Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Mar 3, 2020

About this episode

Today we are discussing how to ask for what you want, in marriage overall, and more specifically in the bedroom. This is something many women struggle to do and many women do not even know if they are supposed to ask.

  • Why is it so hard for women to ask for what they want, especially in the bedroom?
  • What are some practical things that women can do to start speaking up about what they want and need, and keep speaking up until they get it?
  • What about women who do ask for what they want, but nothing changes? Or changes happen for a short time, but then drift back toward the status quo?


Are you "in the mood" for sex? Women's sexuality tends toward needing extra attention to be ready for sexual intimacy with hubby. We'll help you figure out exactly how to spark sexual interest, stoke the fires of arousal, and take your mood from sluggish to sizzling.


From the Bible

The Song of Solomon


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