Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Four Christian marriage and sex bloggers chat about God's design for healthy and holy sexual intimacy in marriage..
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Mar 27, 2017

Today we’re talking about women’s sexuality and sexual response.

  1. Why do we have so many misconceptions about women's sexual response?

  2. What do we know about women’s sexuality that might some women might not realize is normal?

  3. How can we help ourselves (and our husbands) better understand our sexual response?


Mar 13, 2017

The busyness of life sometimes overtakes our schedules and sexual intimacy is pushed farther and farther down the list of priorities.  In this episode, we consider whether or not to leave sexual intimacy as an afterthought.

  1. What are some of the benefits of consistent lovemaking?
  2. How can wives overcome their reluctance to schedule sexual intimacy?
  3. What are some practical things we can think about to commit to scheduling lovemaking?