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Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Aug 20, 2019

About the Episode

Today, we are discussing female genital and reproductive health. What we affectionately call "hooha" health.

  • What are some issues that women have in terms of genital or reproductive health?
  • Focusing on the vulva and exterior lady parts, what kinds of things are red flags that someone should see the...

Aug 6, 2019

Episode 64: Healing from Sexual Abuse, with Mary DeMuth

Many of our listeners are survivors of sexual abuse, or we know someone who is. We’d like to talk today about how that trauma shapes survivors, how it affects their marriages, what healing looks like, and what we can do as the church to support survivors.


Jul 23, 2019

We’re addressing the topic of how we talk with our husbands to create a sexier and more intimate atmosphere for the bedroom.

  • What defines “sexy talk”? What does that look like?
  • As Christians, what kind of sexy talk is okay or not okay?
  • How can we incorporate sexy talk into our repertoire? What are some specific...

Jul 9, 2019

Episode 61: Listener Questions

About This Episode

Today, we are answering some of your questions!

  • How do I practically and emotionally manage the messiness of love making?
  • How do I talk to my husband about his premature ejaculation?
  • Is it normal to feel self conscious about the way my vulva looks?


Jun 25, 2019

Episode 60: Vacation Sex

Today we’re talking about vacation sex. We’re recording this episode at the beginning of summer, a time when many couples and families take a vacation. But, whether you’re planning a vacation or not this year (or if you’re listening at another time of year), this episode is for you too....